Why Do You Need a Brochure?

A company brochure is the second most important item for advertising your business after a website, which is the most important item. You can use words that best describe your services and images that can help customers better relate to your products to explain what your business is all about. A lasting impression is having a hard copy of your brochure available for reference. However, whether an e-brochure or a printed copy performs better depends entirely on how email-active your customers are. The following highlights what should be included in your brochure:

WHO: Who is your organization, what do you rely on and who are the fundamental individuals from staff?

WHAT: What products do you offer? Who utilizes it? What advantages does using it bring? What issues does it address?

WHERE: Where is your company situated? Where is the customer required to purchase it?

WHEN: When will it be offered? When are you open for business?

WHY: Why should people use it over other products of a similar nature?

Vertical and landscape brochures come in all sizes and shapes. However, the vertical layout—one A3 page folded once to create a four-panel brochure—is one of the most common designs. It should be appealing to customers while also providing clear, succinct information about your product or service. If you put a CTA (call to action) at the end of your brochure, it acts like an invitation to the customer to contact you via email, phone, or visit your location to find out more about your product or get more information. The idea of using pictures, infographics, and pictorial icons to break up the text and make the brochure look good is just as important.

Who makes it?

Brochures are designed and laid out by graphic designers, and the words are written by copywriters. After designing a brochure map, many businesses distribute the content themselves. Click here to view our brochures.

How is a brochure written?

Make use of the categories “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why” to select the information to include and compose the text in a straightforward manner. You will need to hire a graphic designer unless you are skilled in layout and design.

We’d be happy to talk to you about writing and designing a brochure for you if you don’t have the time or skills.

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